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About us

líniazero edicions i comunicació is a publishing services company founded in 2006 by Rosa Mercader, an experienced editor and translator, and headquartered in Barcelona. Its main mission is to offer publishing-related services to public and private institutions for all kinds of publications, both printed and electronic.

The work we perform at líniazero edicions is only possible thanks to our experienced team of over 30 professionals with solid careers under their belts and forever devoted to their jobs.

Be-Libris is an imprint of líniazero edicions to offer quality editorial services to authors seeking to selfpublish their work.

We occasionally publish under our own imprint and we were chosen to participate in the exhibition “Petits editors, grans llibres” (Small Publishers, Great Books) organised by FAD (Foment de les Arts i del Disseny) in Barcelona.

This website seeks to keep you abreast of the publishing projects we have been involved with. You can find more up-to-date information on facebook and our digital newsletter, to which you may subscribe at lz@liniazero.com.

We are aware that our work is necessarily linked to the world around us, and we want to be part of it by contributing to organisations which are committed to improving people’s lives, such as Associació Lectura Fàcil, Palfest, Aasara and the Step by Step Foundation.

We are also the initiators and custodians of Costuras–Living with breast cancer, an exhibition of photographs by Koen Suidgeest to support initiatives aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer and its prevention. The exhibition has been shown with great success in a number of European cities since 2014.

And we are specially proud of our collaboration with Eina, Design and Art School (Barcelona). Since 2011 the authors of the líniazero notebooks are graphic design students: Cristina Bailach (2011), Aleix Farràs (2012), Berta Mir (2013), Berta Fontbotè (2014) and Ana Llimona (2015).

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